Why To Start A Blog


Everything needs a reason and there are plenty of reasons as to why one should start a blog. The principle objective of all blogs is to spread and popularize itself via the topic it is created for and sometimes vice versa. Here are a few reasons that should inspire people to start a blog of their own.

  1. The first reason as to why one should start a blog of his/her own is the fact that it is so easy! Blogging is so easy that everyone who has something that he/she wants to share with other people should start blogging. Apart from writing the content of your blog site, there really is not much that one needs to do because the HTML and the publishing are automatically done by the software (WordPress in most cases) itself. Once you are done with setting up a blog (which involves a few steps like buying from a hosting provider and registering a domain name), all you really need to do is write the content and keep it up-to-date.
  2. The second reason is the most obvious reason of them all, which is of course, spreading the idea and attracting interested people who share your enthusiasm about the subject, with the help of your blog. If one is knowledgeable enough and is able to share his/her thoughts in an attractive manner, chances are that the blog might also get a few regular followers or subscribers.
  3. The ease with which WordPress and other blog software handle the Search Engine Optimization part is another reason as to why one should choose blogging as a way to promote their topic. The blog software does the entry level SEO work by linking all the posts and pages of the website together. All of the titles, Meta tags and links are also taken into account by the blogging software if they are relevant to Search Engine Optimization, which makes the blog even more search engine friendly. What all of this does is that it facilitates the finding and indexing of the entire blog site by the search engine spiders.
  4. The speed with which everything is done is an advantage as well as a reason itself. If you are eager to start with the idea you have, then blogging about it is probably the fastest way to do it; considering that it takes just a few minutes to setup a blog page, followed by just a few hours until the domain name is registered.
  5. Blogs solved a common problem that was experienced in case of websites earlier, which is the need for regular maintenance that was necessary to keep the pages organized. Blog software mostly manage and organize themselves because the pages are prepared in the same order as you create them or set them to be ordered by. All of the little details are maintained like tags, dates and groups etc, which also make them especially suitable to be found by search engines. The built-in search tab included in the blog also helps visitors to search for any particular keyword relevant to their query. The inclusion of Really Simple Syndication (RSS) in blog pages makes it even more organized because it groups your most recent pages and posts to include them as part of people’s search results. If some of the visitors like what they find on your blog, RSS also allows them to subscribe to your blog, which means that the subscribers will be notified of new content via digital alerts as soon as you add them.
  6. Finally, blogs offer a platform for people to share their opinions about what you just wrote. This would naturally create a discussion among various readers and the blogger him/herself by the use of the comments section. It acts as a forum for people around the world to comment on what you wrote, which can also at times be quite informative. A good blog with a lot of constructive and critic comments is all the more likely to attract new readers, so it is ultimately all good for you. One must be prepared to take some criticism though, because not all comments can be particularly supporting towards your idea. If any particular comment seems too offensive or totally off the topic, then you will of course, always have the option of deleting it.
  7. Now, it is time to discuss some of the more financial benefits associated with starting a blog. In addition to spreading your idea, you can also use your blog to earn money via Google AdSense. The process is a really simple one actually, all you have to do is show Google AdSense advertisements on your blog and you will be paid a commission if your visitors click on those ads. The procedure of beginning this is quite simple as well, because once you go to the Google AdSense page and sign up, you would be guided through the rest of the steps.
  8. Next, there is the income that a blogger can generate from affiliate links that lead to merchant sites such as Amazon, eBay etc. All you need to do is link certain terms in your blog with relevant items on the online store and you are set to receive a commission if someone who was led to the website from your blog, makes a purchase. Of course, you would need to affiliate your blog with the merchant site first.
  9. Also remember that a blog is quite a great idea to promote any small business that one might have. Supposedly you have started with some sort of manufacturing, why not use your blog as a way to popularize it and sell the merchandise? In fact, while browsing, you will find many blogs that are selling toys, baked items such as cookies, biscuits, etc. Take a look at a few successful ones and you might get an idea or two of your own on how to approach it.

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