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  1. The primary and also the most obvious advantage of a free blogging service is obviously the fact that it does not cost you any money at all. It is ideal for someone who is starting out or does not have a big budget for his blog idea.
  2. In spite of being completely free, some of the popular free blogging service providers offer quite a set of good services; this makes them usable for a variety of purposes. These service providers however, cannot offer their service without some way to make profit from it and that is where advertisement comes in. In return for the free service, your blog will host ads from the sponsors in order to generate profit for the service providers. It is for this reason that renowned free service providers allow you a lot of customization and facilities for free.
  3. The user friendly UI and the speed at which the whole affair can be completed is another advantage of free blogging. Anyone can start publishing and posting text, photos and even videos; that too, in no time at all.

  1. Free blogging services, just like most free things, has its limits. One such limitation that you will soon notice is the inclusion of the blogging service provider’s name in your blog’s URL. Not only is it a bit less appealing, but it can also be harder to memorize and tell people in person or over the phone about it.
  2. If you already have a website and you have linked your blog to that site, every time someone clicks on the link of your blog, he/she will leave your domain and enter the brand new domain of your blogging service provider. Professionally, it is less desirable and it is preferable if both the site and the blog are within the same domain.
  3. Though there are quite a few, limitation on the available templates can be at times a bit problematic. You will probably need to pay money if you decide to go for more customization than allowed under the current free plan.
  4. If you are a professional with a company site, then it is highly advised that you consider the SEO situation before choosing a free blogging service. The problem is that in spite of indexing properly with keywords, the blog might be ineffective in doing any good for the company website. The matter of the fact is that since the blog is running on a separate free blog site and not on the original domain of the company’s website; all the ‘credit’ and benefits will be attributed to the free blog site only.

Recommended Free Blogging Service Providers

Arguably (though many won’t), has the best UI when it comes to free blogging service providers. In fact, wordpress has so many positives that it’s hard to find anything negative about the service, except perhaps, the initial time that most people might need to put into learning how the software works. Plenty of free customizations, controls and even the option to get more advanced features by paying, makes one of the best free blogging service providers in business.

A very easy to use interface and awesome design and customization tools make the first choice for many bloggers. On top of having the luxury of checking out Google Analytics data on the user dashboard, it also has a version to be used on smartphones. The only thing that may be a quibble for some is the revamped UI.

Unlike any of the other blogging software mentioned here, can also be considered a social networking website. Although people complain about occasional problems in its server and the lack of heavy customization options, blogging with is a unique experience. The experience of using livejournal is similar to that of writing a diary, only in this way: you can share it with everyone. It is completely free, although they do have a paid membership as well if you want to get more options.

It is not as popular as wordpress or livejournal, but has quite a simple as well as effective set up, with options for both having a beginner’s free account as well as paid services for more advanced users. You can add popular widgets on your blog and can have multiple (up to 35) authors on the same blog at a price. With an easy to use pleasant UI and nifty widgets, is often the choice for people who have multiple authors writing in the blog.

Other Free Blogging Service Providers

MSN Spaces
If you have a Microsoft .Net Passport account, this may be the easiest way to go. MSN Spaces is easy to use and offers most of the features found elsewhere.
Start a blog on MSN Spaces

Yahoo 360
Yahoo’s take on free bloggig. Enables users to bring together all of their personal information and share it with their friends, family, and others.
Start a blog at Yahoo 360

AOL Journals
If you already have an aol account or screen name, Aol Journals may be the easiest way for you to start a blog, and get started.
Start a blog at AOL Journals

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